Tip of the IceBerg

It is that time again guys! Summer is coming up, school is winding down and scholarships are opened for the different year groups, whether you’ll be entering another grade or leaving to attend a different institution (High school or University). It might seem hard for you to pinpoint that specific scholarship that is right for you, and it also takes up a lot of time. No worries, the writers here at teenAGE has you covered. What do you NEED to know about winning scholarships?- If you are serious about receiving a scholarship then you have to devote your time and energy into filling out applications and not only filling them out, but also making sure that they stand out. Remember you cannot apply for just one scholarship! You aren’t 100% sure if you’ll receive it. It is best to keep yourself organized. If you have found more than one scholarship, … Continue reading “Tip of the IceBerg”