To Whom It May Concern… From A Concerned Student

I know you’ve probably heard this before and most likely you’ll ignore, but I need to get this off my chest before I can really get some rest. Its an understatement to say that you’ve hurt me because really and truly you broke me – you did what no one else was able to do. You broke my heart precisely 8 times excluding those other times when you left me all alone. Monday, Tuesday… straight through to Sunday I gave you my undivided attention but what did I get for that? An exam that tests you on how well you can SWAT information – not caring if you ever actually LEARN. Because the grade 1’s with straight A profile is all that matters! I have a bone to pick with you ‘love’, what really is all this for? I spend my nights trying to understand the trig identities and Young’s double … Continue reading “To Whom It May Concern… From A Concerned Student”

Volunteering is a Work of HEART!

In my opinion, volunteering is giving your time, energy and resources for a worthy cause gaining nothing in return but the satisfaction of putting a smile on someone else’s face. Volunteering therefore is a work of HEART! Some might wonder why volunteer? You don’t get paid! well duhh that’s the essence of it. Before you can truly say you want to volunteer however, you have to understand and appreciate the importance of it – as cadets would say “Service Above Self!” Many persons fail to see the  importance of it and a lot of them participate in the activities for different reasons – reasons that aren’t morally right. But if you just sit and think about it, this helps you as an individual in so many ways. One of the main things Volunteering does just as when one starts their own business, is to make you feel a sense of self … Continue reading “Volunteering is a Work of HEART!”

Giving Back

Dear Young People, Are you passionate about giving back to your society? Is it hard to find outreach projects to participate in? I feel you! You’ve come to the right place lovies. The heavy lifting is already done for you, all you have to do now is agree to help out. I personally know how hard it is to find volunteer projects to take part in and I know how irritating it is to search all of google and still come up empty handed! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I have taken the initiative to find these volunteering activities both local and international and I will make it my mandate to update these as time goes by. The only thing I ask of you is to share these opportunities with others. Why? Because I believe in carrying others with me while I make my way up to the top. … Continue reading “Giving Back”

Tip of the IceBerg

It is that time again guys! Summer is coming up, school is winding down and scholarships are opened for the different year groups, whether you’ll be entering another grade or leaving to attend a different institution (High school or University). It might seem hard for you to pinpoint that specific scholarship that is right for you, and it also takes up a lot of time. No worries, the writers here at teenAGE has you covered. What do you NEED to know about winning scholarships?- If you are serious about receiving a scholarship then you have to devote your time and energy into filling out applications and not only filling them out, but also making sure that they stand out. Remember you cannot apply for just one scholarship! You aren’t 100% sure if you’ll receive it. It is best to keep yourself organized. If you have found more than one scholarship, … Continue reading “Tip of the IceBerg”

Not Feeling It… But What Do I Do to OVERCOME!?

Dear Young People, What happens when you lose all your motivation and inspiration to be great the day after you had so much in you? Has that ever happened to you? One day you’re passionate about something and can’t wait to execute and the next you are absolutely empty – physically, emotionally and mentally drained. This has happened to me countless amounts of time with school and my activities outside of the school community.It’s as if it gets worse every single time. I get super upset and annoyed – not wanting to be around anyone and just completely isolating myself from ‘my world’. This is a flaw of mine that I hate because that limits me from being consistent in my work and in turn limits me from being the best version of myself. When that happens I’m basically a watered down version of the Fierce and Confident Isheba Cornwall. The … Continue reading “Not Feeling It… But What Do I Do to OVERCOME!?”


I almost missed the chance of attending the YCDI Women in I.T Mentoring Program 1st Tech Workshop! (Whew! that was a mouthful). Why? Because of the heavy rains that decided to greet me on the morning of May 19. To be honest I was so tired from exams and I was tempted to go back to sleep but then I remembered several things.I remembered that ‘today is the day that I get to see the amazing girls from the launch, today is the day that I get to see one of my favorite persons ever LIANNE!!!! and best of all today is the day I get to learn about Content Creation’ – How could I not get up!? I was adamant that I wouldn’t change my mind. ‘No heavy rains formed against me will prosper!’ And so I was at Digicel Jamaica in no time. It wouldn’t be a YCDI event … Continue reading “Ready…Set…TECH WORKSHOP!”

Because if Boys Can Do IT , Girls can Do IT too!

I have been studying extremely hard for my CSEC exams that are only 1 week away and it has been stressful and I feel like I’m going crazy. I say this to say that I feel more confident and I’m motivated to pass all my 8 subjects because of the launch of the YCDI Women in I.T Mentoring Program. This is a one year program that seeks to expose 4th-6th form and University girls to the STEM industry and information technology on a whole. The mentoring program also aims to provide us girls with a networking community of support that will teach us to recognize and appreciate that fact that we possess the strength and skills needed to be successful and progress in life. The launch for the program was held on Thursday August 26, 2018 and it was perfect! My friend and I made sure we got to the … Continue reading “Because if Boys Can Do IT , Girls can Do IT too!”

Why Bother?

It’s 12:30 a.m. – Friday May 25,2018 and this is the time I choose to write my first blog post… SUPER! I struggled for a long time thinking about what I wanted my first post to be. I even did a google search “What should your first post be about on your website?”  It didn’t really help. I thought about it some more and I got my answer, maybe I should let the viewers know why I bothered to create a website in the first place. Some people do it for fun and while that’s also the case here I have an end goal. I love to write. It’s just that writing is so much better than talking for me because I’m able to better express myself with pen and paper or in this case with the keys on the keyboard. Nothing formal of course and definitely nothing that has … Continue reading “Why Bother?”